Welcome to the home of the “€œpoint of greatest eclipse”€ for the 2017 Solar Eclipse -€“ Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  Friends around our western Kentucky region refer to us as Hoptown, and you€™re invited to as well.   We’€™re already planning for your visit; our southern hospitality will make you and your group welcome, and your Solar Eclipse experience memorable.  So, whether you are a bona fide eclipse chaser, or just looking for the best place to experience Mother Nature€™s rare eclipse show, we invite you to be with us in Hoptown.  Our community€™s big enough to provide everything you€™ll need and want for the 2017 Eclipse weekend experience.  And, we’€™re small enough to make sure you feel at home.  Browse around our site.  You€™ll see we€™re planning a big Friday-Sunday Eclipse celebration before the sun disappears – for two minutes and forty seconds €“ at 1:24:41 pm CT on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Join us LIVE in Hopkinsville, atop the Hopkinsville Elevator building compliments of Solutions Technology Group.