Solar Eclipse Frequently Asked Questions

Eclipse Info

€¢ What time does Eclipse totality occur?
o Monday, August 21, 2017 at 1:24 p.m. CT
o Point of first contact is at 11:56 a.m.- Eclipse glasses needed to view safely
o Eclipse will be complete by 2:51 p.m. CT €“ Eclipse glasses needed to view safely

€¢ How long is totality in Hopkinsville?
o 2 minutes 40.1 seconds

€¢ Will the eclipse happen all at once?
o It will actually take about 3 hours from point of first contact until the eclipse has completely passed over head. Point of first contact (when the moon first begins to move in front of the sun) will be 11:56 a.m. CT, with full totality beginning at 1:24 p.m. and lasting for 2 minutes and 40.1 seconds. The last partial phase of the eclipse will end at 2:51 p.m. CT.

Hopkinsville Info
€¢ How many people are we expecting to come to Hopkinsville?
o We are anticipating about 100,000 people will be joining us in Hopkinsville for this incredible event!

€¢ Is it true you can€™t get a hotel room in Hopkinsville?
o Actually we still have plenty of Hotel rooms available! You just have to contact the hotel directly, as they are booking all of their reservations internally.

€¢ Will there be enough hotel rooms to accommodate all the visitors coming?
o We know that there will be more visitors than hotel rooms, so we have created campsites at some of our public parks to help accommodate our guests while they are in town. We will be opening them up one at a time as they fill up. We are currently taking reservations for our DeBow Park location, once that is full, we will move on to Ruff Park and then Pardue Lane.

€¢ What about RV€™s?
o We have many RV options throughout the community. The city will have spots available at the Trail of Tears Park with access to water and electric. However, there are also many private options at the Western Kentucky Fairgrounds and residential areas.


€¢ Traffic maps and directions are located on our traffic and transportation tab:
€¢ Plan to arrive in the community as early as possible. Most sites open between 6:00-8:00 a.m. CT

€¢ How bad is traffic going to be?
o We are working on traffic plans and bringing in reinforcements from the Kentucky State Police to assist the Hopkinsville Police Department and Christian County Sheriff€™s Office with implementation

€¢ What areas of the County might be heavy with traffic?
o On Eclipse Day, we anticipate high traffic in North Christian County, particularly the Princeton Road area as visitors travel to the NASA designated Point of Greatest Eclipse and other viewing locations in that area.

€¢ It will be dark in the middle of the day, will the street lights come on?
o We are partnering with the local utility companies to ensure that the street lights don€™t come on around our designated viewing areas. We want to cut down on the light pollution as much as possible.

€¢ What happens if it rains?
o We have been informed by eclipse chasers and experts, that even on an overcast or rainy day, you will still witness the incredible environmental changes that are happening around us as it gets completely dark in the middle of the day

€¢ What is the weather typically like on August 21st?
o Typically it is hot (90-100 degrees) and humid, very sunny

Eye Protection
€¢ Where can I get Solar Eclipse Glasses?
Thomas Street Recreation Center, 2600 Thomas Street, Hopkinsville, KY
Hopkinsville Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2800 Fort Campbell Blvd., Hopkinsville, KY
Casey Jones Distillery
Christian Way Farm
MB Roland Distillery
Griffin€™s Studio
The Purple Door Boutique
Max Fuel

€¢ Can I just look up at the sun, or do I need special glasses?
o In order to protect your eyes, it is VERY IMPORTANT to wear special eclipse viewing glasses to look up at the sun during the different phases of the eclipse. The only time it is safe to view the eclipse without glasses, is during Totality, or Corona stage. The moon will be blocking out the harmful rays of the sun, leaving only the sun€™s atmosphere exposed, creating a beautiful diamond ring, which you can and should view with the naked eye.

Cell Service
€¢ With all of the additional people, will I have cell phone service?
o We are working with AT&T and Verizon to install temporary cell towers at the Point of Greatest Eclipse on Princeton Road to ensure that visitors in this area will have cell service.

Residents that want to list their property
€¢ Due to the rapidly approaching event, we are no longer accepting listings to add to the website. Feel free to post them to our Facebook page and visitors may contact you there:

City Reservations
€¢ When will I receive my parking pass?
o If you have already made a reservation at one of our designated viewing locations, you will receive your parking pass and additional info via email by July 28th. Please note that your parking pass was emailed to the email address associated with your PayPal account that purchased the ticket. If you have not received your parking pass and confirmation email, please email

€¢ Allowed items: coolers, tents, tables, chairs, telescopes, small camping stoves (no large fire pits or open fires on the ground). If you have a question about additional items, just ask.

€¢ NOT ALLOWED: generators, open fire on the ground, glass containers, illegal substances, firearms, weapons.